Can't catch a break

I really intended to post a new story last Monday. But I was informed that I really, really, really shouldn't without a "legal review."

So, I figured I'd be in the clear THIS Monday, and because the story is so darned long (but will be posted in blocks of five parts a day) I figured everyone would forgive me for being late... But I wasn't, so now they can't.

And I had NOTHING planned or stored up. I really thought I was doing well with doing 23 parts in a single week. But I DO have some old journal posts I hoped to turn into story candidates for the MI book - and the problem is, I've already used one this month with the Christian girl witnessing to me at Starbucks (of course, it's MUCH more built out and story-like than the blog post).

And then, yesterday, I got this:

Soooooo basically, it's "Hey, don't post cause you might get in trouble! But post FASTER or else you're in huge trouble! But don't post until you're able to post cause, like... Trouble!!! BUT DO IT FASTER, OR ELSE TROUBLE!!!!!!"

I. Just. Plain. Want. To. Cry.