Your new cheap MP3 source

Just in case you don't know about it, Mp3Fiesta.com is the new AllofMp3.com.

10 cents a song, 1.00 an album. Can't beat that with a stick (if you're into trading money for music, that is).

When I can't find a song on Mp3Fiesta.com, I check BitTorrent, and then I go to Amazon's music store. Isn't that a strange mapping of behavior? I look to pay 10 cents for a song, then nothing, then a dollar. My very first motivation is to give something instead of hopping on BitTorrent first (and for those of you who read the I Steal Music post, that was my pattern back when AllOfMp3.com was active. Once it went down, it took away my "cheap" option, so I went for "free" first).

Part of that has to do with the feeling that, for a marginal cost, I can go to a reliable source that gives me the music in the format I want, titled correctly, and reliably transcoded from the original source with no skipping and crazy stuttering.

The other part is the speed - I can get a fast connection to get what I want almost all the time. And it's easy to find what I want instead of having to surf through 27 false positives on Pirate Bay just to find a tracker hosting a decent torrent.

Absolutely zero of it has to do with my wanting to make sure my downloads are "legal" - In time, digital transmission of data won't have to worry about legal or illegal where media is concerned (for consumption, not the theft of source material). And I couldn't give a shit less about "making sure the artist gets paid" - the artist gets paid with my attention; a commodity worth FAR more than dollars and cents. They own my cognizance for a while... That's invaluable, especially when the result is that I pay to attend their concert and pay for a shirt or a hat (or both) with their name on it, because then they get not only my time and attention but my money as well.

So yeah, go buy up some credits and download till your heart's content.