Know what that is?

Depending on how you look at it, it's either a $25.00 CD rom with some bits burned on it, or it's my heart returning to a normal pulse and a severe reduction in the amount of acid churning in my stomach.

When I upgraded to a Mac back in February 2006, I consolidated all of my myriad storage and backup repositories into one dedicated NAS. In the process, I culled a bunch of older / different versions of a bunch of old crap - one of these being the original source files for my first book.

The version I have is from October 2005 - before I placed in the book-only chapters or did any editing whatsoever. To try to make that version worth using would take at least 2 weeks of re-integration into the old file, finding bugs, squashing them, finding typos, squashing THOSE, etc...

So thank GOD my printer had an image on file. They burned a copy to CD rom for $25.00 and shipped it overnight. What great folks.

So now, I can FINALLY do the 2nd revision to the book and add the content I wanted to add in. Look for that sometime around June.