Lost time

Blah. I hate being sick.

It's one thing to go on vacation - that's planned time away from getting things done, which means it's manageable. But spending an entire week either huddled in a lump in bed or hugging a commode really puts a massive dent in life. There's so much stuff backed up work-wise that I'm going to probably have to hire a warlock of some sort to create a dimensional rift so I can summon black demons to go torment people I owe stuff to so they'll forget I owe it to them.

But I will say that nothing makes you realize how good it feels to do things like walk in the sun or work out like being locked down that way. Also, nothing will make you realize just how much trust you put in total strangers preparing your food, or the companies that actually produce the ingredients. It's very safe to say that I will NOT be thinking Arby's ever again. Every time I see one of those commercials where the construction workers whistling and hooting at the suited man with the Arby's bag, I think "you know, they won't find him so attractive when he's leaking various liquids from various places... Or maybe they will, which is even MORE disgusting."

Oh, and if you're looking for new and interesting ways to spice up either injury or illness, might I recommend combining a moderately-recovered strained abdomen muscle with food poisoning? Ever tried that? It's the bee's knees.