I'm a-fixin' mah feeds

I dunno why, but lately, my XML / RSS feed has been wonky. Sometimes, it posts items late; other times it combines like 3 items into one. It's crazy and silly and makes me pithy.

So, I just whapped it with a codehammer. I hope that fixes it.

If you've missed the past few links (livejournal and facebook readers), here's the last five:

- Some thoughs about NASCAR
- Set your clock ahead an hour tonight or the terrorists have already won
- The best advice one could possibly give to a new parent
- Uncanny...
- Yet another goddamn "1000 True Fans" post

Nothing really worth reading, honestly. But it's there if you're bored and looking for text on a screen to stare at for a while (there's even a few pictures in there).