A guide to self-publishing?

Jeremy told me he thinks I should do an e-book on how to self-publish a book. I said "hogwash, no one cares about that." But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that there's been a bunch of email that I've answered over the past 3 years on how to do exactly that, why it's a good idea, what the point of it is, etc.

I wonder if it's e-book worthy, or if I should just blog about it?

More than that, is there space there to talk about creativity, motivation, writing technique, business, marketing, etc? Or does that clutter the concept too much?

I COULD do it blog-style and then create an e-book version for taking with you on the road, which would just be a mirror of the blog version. I don't know... I'M SO CONFUSED

What do you guys think?