An epic and harrowing tale (yet another)

Last night, my good friend and the star of many of my stories, Mike, called and said he wanted to go to the Thrashers - Avalanche game. This is a rare thing for him, since he's usually working evenings during the week. So, I asked Andrea and she was into it.

And so we went.

In order to consolidate vehicles, parking fees and frustration, we left my truck and her car at her workplace. This is a workplace where she has worked for four years. This is a workplace where everyone knows her, what she drives, what stickers are on the back of it, and that it sometimes sits in the evenings when she meets with her husband for dinner or events.

So we go to the game and eat quite possibly the most disgusting chicken tenders ever to be tendered from a chicken. We cheer the two goals the Thrashers were able to squeak out against the Avalanche's five, and we heckle and jeer the stupidity of the referees and whatnot. We finally take off and head out to grab our vehicles.

While standing in the parking lot moving our stuff from Mike's car to our own, we decide to go ahead back out for a bite to eat, which resulted in the most disgusting french toast I've ever had. It took about an hour.

When we come back, we discover that my truck and her car are MISSING!!!!!!!

Now, surely they HAD to have been stolen. There's only one person who would have called a tow truck - the groundskeeper at her workplace - and he knows Andrea, what she drives, and that she occasionally leaves it in the evenings. Furthermore, he knows what I drive, and so CERTAINLY they had to have been stolen. There's no way that he'd be so stupid as to...

"Yep, towed," the cop told us when he arrived.

"Thanks, officer," I said through grit teeth.

Andrea went in and talked to him. He confessed he had the vehicles towed, claiming he didn't know they were hers - MEANWHILE, stating he called her at least four times to find out if it was. Now, why would you call someone if you don't know it's their car? And if you're uncertain enough to place the call, wouldn't you be uncertain enough to not tow it for fear that it might actually STRAND BOTH PEOPLE DOWNTOWN???

So, we head over to the tow place only to find out they need this years registration. This wouldn't be a problem, except that our registrations both expired just a short while ago and the new tags JUST arrived - so we hadn't placed them in our cars or wallets yet.

Thank god for Mike. He took us home, then back downtown to get our cars out of hock.

Anyway, through the muck and the mire, I paid for tickets to a losing game, two horrible dinners, and two cars that shouldn't have ever been towed in the first place - and I was out until 4 AM experiencing the privilege of all these things.

Happy times, happy times...