The apology you just knew was coming


It's been a month since I started the story that I need to finish on MI.

I have now twice skipped updating on a Monday.

I have completely destroyed my vow made at the first of the year. And for that, I am sorry. I wanted to make a joke here, maybe tying my apology to the Elliot Spitzer debacle, but the truth is I'm not trying to be silly here. I'm actually genuinely sorry.

I know that it's just stories on the internet, and that I have legitimate reasons for delaying MI with the sickness and all, and that I've done WAYYYYY better at updating this year then I have since 2005... Yadda yadda yadda. I made a commitment to update every Monday, and I've failed in that commitment. It's a very important thing to not let people down, and I feel that the people who read what I write are paying me quite a handsome sum in terms of attention. When you pay me the courtesy of giving me regularly scheduled doses of attention, I owe it back to you to keep to that schedule - or I run the risk of disappointing and ultimately losing you, and I really don't want that.

So please accept my apology on this. No plans, no "I will try" and no promises are attached - just know that once I have your forgiveness on this, I won't put myself in a place to ask for it again.