I cannot tell you how much those five characters, when placed together, piss me the hell off.

For those who don't know this particular little bit of shorthand, it stands for "Too Long; Didn't Read". It's usually posted in threads or comments sections of longer articles.

It looks a little like this:

Now, I need to explain that it doesn't piss me off because people don't read long articles. I have no holier-than-thou opinion about the length of content people should be happy to read - I personally skim anything longer than two sentences, hoping beyond hope that something will snag me and make me want to "commit" to reading it for real. If nothing's there, I just move on to the next thing.

This is perfectly fine and acceptable.

What ISN'T perfectly fine and acceptable is the fact that some people feel the need to post something to the effect described above. They feel compelled to litter the page with their opinion. And more than that, they can't be bothered to actually express an opinion - they only throw up a blurb explaining how truly lazy they are when it comes to reading comprehension... And worse, they can't even spell out the fucking words! Just like TravisWedding did! And doesn't he look the part?

He LOOKS like someone who'd post TL;DR, doesn't he? Well of course he does, cause he DID.

And really, thank fucking GOD someone felt the need to acronymize the laziest, most unoriginal comment ever. I mean... Of all the egotistical things - you feel like the rest of the internet will be improved by some quantity by taking the time out of your day to let everyone know that you couldn't take the time out of your day to read what you're commenting on.

If you've ever posted this and you weren't joking around - and yes, I mean you, who are reading this right now - you are a lazy, unoriginal sack of shit.

Sure, you may have other redeeming qualities. You may be excellent at painting or incredibly generous to your local charity. But somehow, someway, you were led down the overly self-serving path of posting an acronym expressing your displeasure at the number of words someone chose to use to convey a point - showing the world how lazy you truly are.

I don't hate you. I probably might even like you in physical life. But online... You are a lazy sack of shit.