Gotta break my own rule... sorta

This last week kinda got away from me.

I fully intended to post a one-part story last Monday, but the "mood" struck to finally tell this 1-800-STALKER story I'd been holding onto for quite a while. And with me, when those moods hit, I have to act - otherwise, I'll lose it - in a huge way. I won't feel like writing anything at all for a while. So, acting against my better judgment in more ways than one (there's a huge reason why it's taken so long to tell this story, and I'll go into that more tomorrow), I went down the path of telling this new story.

But I didn't anticipate getting as busy as I did last week, and because I only started this entire endeavor on Sunday night, I only got 2 parts up and out before the week ended. This leaves me with 4 parts (well, 2 actually - but Part 2 is actually going to be split into 3 sub-parts... Confused? yeah, me too) to finish. Which is going to push this story through this upcoming week.

This is a violation of my "new story every Monday" rule. Sorta.

I mean, technically, the spirit of that rule was to keep me writing content every single week and not letting the site die a miserable, horrible death... Again. But the LETTER of the law means that each story I begin has to end within 7 days, or I don't put up a new story every Monday.

So, I COULD put up a re-run from the journal on Monday, and finish telling this multi-part dealie the rest of the week... But that'd completely disrupt the flow, wouldn't it?

I dunno. The best I can do is to ask you to allow me to post the rest of the 1-800-STALKER story this upcoming week, and then accept two - count em, TWO - brand new stories next week. Will that make up for my rule violation? Or is it a travesty of justice that this has taken me so long to write?

In other news, it doesn't matter what kind of systems I try to set up for myself, I always end up finding new ways to break them. At least this one results in more content and not less, right? :)