Bill Belichick is a coward.

You don't need to be a football fan or have watched Super Bowl XLII to appreciate this:

Last night, in the biggest upset in NFL history, the Patriots lost to the Giants... But their head coach wasn't there to see it. You see, there was one second left on the clock when the ball turned over to the Giants, thus shutting down the Patriots and denying them their perfect 19-0 season... Biggest upset ever... And right then, the mighty head coach of the mighty New England Patriots walked across the field, shook the hands of the team that beat him, and went into the tunnel leading to the locker room...

Leaving his team to finish out the very last play all by themselves.

The captain abandoned ship and left his crew to face the doom. What a coward... I know he wanted to avoid media scrutiny and the inevitable "How do you feel now that you have lost the chance to be the 2nd undefeated team in NFL history?" crap that he'd undoubtedly have to face... But couldn't he have just manned up and stuck it out one last second? Be there for the guys who were there for him the other 18 games?

Just... What a fucking coward.