Unlocked hidden "Rock Band" difficulty setting!!!

Dude, did you know that, after you beat Rock Band drum mode on Expert, it unlocks a new, even more difficult mode called "Kitten?"



Do you realize how hard it is to try to nail one of Neil Peart's insane drum fills in Tom Sawyer when there's a pint-sized kitten crawling all over and under and between and through the kick pedal? It's THIS hard:

But hey, how can you get angry when you look down and see this:

In other news, we've named the little kitty "Highway Star" for obvious reasons. I love the name, Andrea's not quite crazy about it... In a few weeks, she'll be old enough and healthy enough to adopt. Anyone want an abandoned highway kitten?

Also, I'll look for any reason whatsoever to post cute kitten pictures.


Thanks to Liz, Highway Star has been LOL-Catted: