Some football jabberin'

You know, I'm not a Packers fan. I've never really pulled for them - in fact, I can safely say that I've never had any feelings for them one way or another. I probably should - my father's from Chicago and as such is a really big Bears fan. As a dutiful son, I should hate the Packers... As an asshole of a son, I should love them. As it stands, I guess I'm just a dullard of a son, because I've never really cared one way or another about them.

That said, I am really, really, REALLY pulling for them this year.

Brett Favre's seasons has been nothing short of spectacular. He's broken several team and league records this year, and has lead a team of young nobodies to the 3rd best record in the NFL and into the playoffs. He was so close to retiring a few years ago, and decided to play on - then his father passed. The guy has been through hell and back, and somehow, he's scraped together arguably the best season he's ever had.

But with all the hype surrounding New England's regular season sweep, no one's really noticed any of that. Everyone's talking about Tom Brady and the retarded Patriots... Boring.

It's a pretty safe bet that New England is going to end up in the Super Bowl. I'd love NOTHING more than to see the Packers go as the NFC team and walk in and own the Pats. I'd love to see the much-vaunted undefeated season go up in smoke in the freakin' Super Bowl. I'd leap out of my seat with glee if old-school Brett Favre handed newbie Tom Brady his ass on a silver platter and took not only the record books, but a Super Bowl ring with him into retirement against that pompous, overzealous cheating team.

Plus, I'm getting pretty sick of the guys I know from Boston talking all sorts of smack. Not just because of what they say, but also because the Bostonian accent is second only to waterboarding on the list of top ten torture techniques that, for some reason, the federal government keeps allowing to go on.