It's very rare for it to snow in Georgia.

It's rarer still for it to snow enough to accumulate to the point of actually seeing white on the ground and trees.

It's rarer STILL for it to happen twice in one week.

So, I thought I'd share some pics from Casa de Peacock from familiar views I've shared before, but this time, covered in snow.


In conversations with some northern friends, I was telling them about how every single over-the-air network here has WINTER STORM 08!!!!! coverage playing non-stop, with updates every 5 minutes from all 12 field reporters for each network showing you where snow is actually falling.

Case in point:

Not 1, not 2, but THREE snow-related red bars flying across the network's website. I mean... Barry Manilow has been POSTPONED!!! You can watch live video of what I'm seeing out my window RIGHT NOW!!! Or don't... I mean, it's snow. I love it and it's pretty, but really... It's just snow.

I may go up to the store in a bit to get pictures of the empty bread, milk, and egg shelves... Anytime there's even the threat of a word beginning with "s" in the weather forecast, people go clear the markets of those three items. They call it a "French Toast Alert".