Only 4 stories?!?

I only wrote 4 stories in all of 2007.

I'm sure there's people out there who will be surprised to find out that I only just now realized that fact. But yeah... I was looking through the archives, and boom - only 4 stories in 2007.

That's just...

I mean...

It seriously never dawned on me that I'd written that little. That's just scary bad. I mean, I know I did other stuff in 2007 - I negotiated a book deal for myself, and I trained for and tried out for two professional Arena Football League teams. I... Um... I worked some. I did some independent consulting with some clients. But, like...

Only 4 stories? I mean... If I hold to my story-a-week ethic this year, I'll have written more by the end of January than I did in all of 2007. It's now 2008... My book came out November 2005... How the HELL did I let last year slip away? I could have been nearly complete with the gathering of chapters and whatnot by the time Penguin signed the deal in April, if I'd just quit chasing cloud-like notions and actually stuck to what I am good at.

As it stands, I can reflect back right now and think of at least 20 weeks or so where I honestly felt like I'd written something... I just don't know what happened to any of it. I think I was battling a rather severe confidence / creativity issue where my writing was concerned due to reasons I've alluded to regarding my New Year's new leaf thingy.

Blah. I cannot understand for the life of me how I've retained any readership at all. But I thank you (and to a small extent, God) that I have.