My little inside joke

I was looking through my book for the first time in a little over a year (I know this sounds wierd, but I only checked the actual book itself out when I got it, then again to correct some mistakes [you can find all of those listed out here] and then again yesterday evening), and I just started giggling at my own silliness.

If you have a copy of the book, you've probably noticed this (and if not, read the whole book for free, and feel free to follow along): During the EXTREMELY late night layout sessions putting the actual pages together, I'd get bored. So, I put little stupid messages on the "right side" pages, where the chapter title would go. Just dumb crap, usually corresponding to something on that page.

Anyway, the thing that got me giggling is on page 43 at the top there. You see what it says? Well, I forgot totally about it, but that's actually an inside joke to the first customers to buy the book. Originally, it was a typo that said "I've never really been a fan of fish" which is the title of the previous chapter.

A stupid copy+paste error, and it made it to print in the first edition (and hardcover copies) of the book - about 5000 copies in all i think. I felt like a total moron. So once everyone spotted it and let me know about it, I decided that, instead of just correcting it, I'd change it into a little keepsake of my own stupidity.

I don't know why you'd care about this. But there you go - I giggled, then blogged about why. Yay for internet!