More about the #5 worst birthday (with scar pics!!!)

Since I wrote about a fairly gruesome wound on Mentally Incontinent today (for the #5 spot in my top five worst birthdays ever), I figured I'd show pics of the scar from the incident... Only, it didn't really photograph well. Because it was an X-Acto, the cut was very clean - but it definitely did scar, and you can see it kinda okay here. But you can also see the other scars I've accumulated on my left hand over the years:

My left hand is truly a testament to stupidity. And yes, my older brother once tried to play that stupid knife game that Bishop does in Aliens when I was six... Cut my index finger pretty bad. there was a pretty sizable chunk of bone showing. You can barely see the scar now, since I kinda... You know... Cut it off with a cleaver while trying to halve a frozen chicken breast...

If you're wondering what "Fence at Chili's" refers to, read this story and wonder no more.

And yes, there'll be a new part of the story every day this week :)