Mentally Incontinent = College Textbook (again)

Back in 2005, I met the coolest English professor to ever exist on the planet, Ms. Devon Asell. She's a prof. at the University of Tennessee, and she asked me if I'd mind if she used my book and website in her course on digital literature. I thought she was playing a Joe-style prank on me, so I gave her carte blanche.

Well, she did. And it was really nifty, to say the very very very least I can possibly say on the subject.

Anyway, she's asked me if it would be alright to do so again for the latest incarnation of her class on the same subject, and again, I've given her carte blanche - only this time, I know she's serious :)

She was sweet enough to send a few pics of my book sitting on the shelf at the UT bookstore, situated between Wil Wheaton's fantastic book Dancing Barefoot and, oddly enough, Beowulf (hey college types who have to buy that book - never, EVER buy a book written more than 90 years ago. Check Project Gutenberg first... Save yourself some dough).

I don't care how many times I see it, it still gives me that little electric tingly feeling each and every time I see my book on the shelf at a bookstore, regardless of the store. I doubt (and hope) that will never get old.

Also, I just checked the course syllabus and saw this:

Thu Jan 24
Finish discussion of The Weblog Handbook.
Discuss exploration of rebeccablood.net. (don't visit, she's stupid --Joe)
Personal blog assignment.
Begin Mentally Incontinent.

They're starting the book on my birthday. I plan to buy a lottery ticket that day just to add to the potential irony.