Late nights and comic books

Shortly after I left home and tried to do the college thing, in 1996, I had to sell off the bulk of my comic book collection. It was with a heavy heart and a disconcerting lack of toilet paper in the house I shared with roommates that I called every single collector I knew or had met through conventions and offered them the chance to pilfer my collection of over 22,000 comics - some of them quite valuable indeed.

Shortly after the dot-com crash, I was forced to sell the very small cache (in comparison to the original collection) of comics I simply couldn't part with - the Akira series, Cerebus, first print Daredevils with Frank Miller... Etcetera and so on. We had a house payment to make, and it wasn't enough to just work my steady job.

I really, really missed those stories... Until now.

Recently, I've gone on a bit of a graphic novel / collection shopping spree. My most recent splurge was my little birthday gift to myself: the entire Cerebus collected edition run - all 16 books, over 6000 pages of a singular story told over 22 years and 300 issues. For the past week, the volumes I've purchased via Amazon have trickled in, with every single collection except #5 (out of 16, remember) arriving quite early on. Well, today, Jaka's Story (#5) finally arrived, allowing me to continue on into the series.

It's 3:02AM. I just finished reading "Minds", which is #10. The windows are open; it's just above freezing outside and I'm bundled in a hooded sweatshirt with a large mug of very warm coffee. All of the majesty and wonder that comes from living inside of someone else's world for a while has washed over me and I'm fully invested in Dave Sim's creation.

I'm a kid again.

This rules.