Fist-Fighting - 2nd (and final) followup

Okay, I've read all the comments and emails regarding the winning a fist fight article, and there were a LOT of great things said and considered. But one particular thing bothered me:

I thought it was pretty clear from the very beginning that the article advocated NOT FIGHTING as the primary course of action, and the intention of all that followed was to give advice on what to do if that was not an option. Furthermore, it bothered me that a lot of people made the point that you shouldn't fight a person with a weapon, who appeared larger than you, who outclassed you, etc. Again, I thought I made it clear that in these cases, flight was the first consideration, and any tips afterward were simply what you should do if you cannot get away.

SO, to make it VERY clear, if you see this guy coming toward you:


Run very fast. Run very far. But more than anything.... Just run.

(For the record, it's a prop gun)