The exact reason I want to learn to play drums, in one video

So, a buddy of mine who plays drums professionally (and whom I've always admired for being so good at them) heard I was FINALLY going to quit all my art-school armchair critic nonsense regarding music and actually take up an instrument. So he sent me this video, and my jaw dropped - it's my favorite Tool song played by my favorite drummer alive today:

(Can't see the video above? Here's a link)

Every young boy does two things when they listen to rock music:

1) play air guitar

2) tap ANYTHING in front of them like they're playing the drums.

I did that a lot growing up... And I still do. More tapping than air guitar, however... And so the Rock Band game was a godsend for me - it allowed me to goof around and babystep my way into becoming interested in an instrument I never knew I always wanted to play.

I'm an INSANE Tool fan (make damn sure that, if you ever quote me on this, you include the word 'fan' in there or I'll come spit on you). I've adored them for years, and not due to the dark, mysterious nature of all the melodrama they've spun up and created for themselves. For me, it's always been about this rich, textured, multi-time-signatured sound they created - and a large part of that has always been Danny's drumwork. The thing is, even though I was hearing the notes and the timing and the cymbalwork and appreciating it from a fan's perspective, I never quite heard what I hear in it now that I'm actually learning this crap. And just when I thought my respect for him and his craft was at 100%, he goes and adds on a new wing to the meter so he can fill it up even more.