A deal with my wife

Somehow, playing this Rock Band game has unleashed a bit of a demon in me.

Like all males, I occasionally tap my fingers or my feet on the steering wheel or table when listening to music, trying to pick out the drum parts and pretend my index finger and middle finger are doing this wailing, insane drum fill here and there. But since we got this Rock Band game, I've really been taking up interest in the drums.

Sure, it's just a game - but the drum parts of Rock Band aren't like the guitar parts of either Rock Band or Guitar Hero... With those games, you're playing a rhythm game with a guitar-shaped controller, learning close to nothing about how to play an actual guitar. But with the drums, you're actually learning drum parts... Paradiddles, kick pedal timing, split-time and mixed time signatures between various limbs... It's really quite cool.

So my wife and I have made a deal:

If I can beat the drums on Rock Band on Expert, she'll let me buy a real drum kit - digital or acoustic, my choice.

I'm leaning toward digital right now, mostly because I don't feel like paying almost triple the cost of the drums themselves to soundproof a room or the garage just to play the damn things. If I use a digital kit, I can get the mesh heads that feel real and plug headphones in and voila - I'm disturbing no one at 3 AM as I try to pick out the utterly disgusting drum parts that Danny Carey plays in Tool's "Pushit" (Yeah, I know... Good luck to me, right? That guy is INSANE. Still, I wanna learn it).

Wish me luck.