After 5 years... Comments finally enabled

I got a bunch of emails over the years saying "Hey, turn on comments on your journal so I can totally make fun of you." And I've deleted them without prejudice.

I got one the other day from a journal reader person who said that he'd love to discuss the journal, but he felt like he was the only one reading it because there were no comments. And I felt just terrible. Actually, that's not true... I didn't feel terrible at all. But it did make me think of why I never turned them on.

When I started the journal thing, the intent was to give people stuff to read during the week when I wasn't posting MI stories... Just keep folks interested and paying attention. Then, I guess it became a more interesting experience for me personally. I like writing this journal thing - there's much less pressure to formulate a storyline, keep dialogue snappy, and otherwise put together material that makes an actual book worth reading.

But I always viewed it much like I view my paper journal things - just spatterings of brain junk, thrown down so that they'd be captured. I never figured it was worth discussion... And more, I never really wanted to hear what others thought about this kind of writing - because comments invite opinion, and opinion invites pressure to write more gooder.

But then I realized, folks are talking about it in the forum and elsewhere (like the livejournal feed and on facebook... And I guess it'd be decent to link to those two places, but there are links in the top menu bar of the journal page, and I'm too lazy to make the links... But not too lazy to type all these words about being too lazy to make links. Interesting. But it's too late now, I can't go back and link them after realizing the irony of my apathy, because then the entire point will be ruined), and those discussions never affect me. So why not just turn on the comment thing and allow folks to talk about the posts in the context of the posts?

So like... That's what's going on. Yo.