One Laptop Per Child

I bought 5 of these today:

The reason: Because this is the coolest thing I have ever seen - both technologically and sociologically.

I haven't been following the project for as long as some have, but I remember reading an article about six months ago promising a $100.00 laptop that would be available to children in developing and third-world nations. I remember reading HEAPS of ridicule and scorn being tossed liberally at the founders of the project, mostly because there was no way in hell they'd ever be able to come up with a form-factor that would support an internet-enabled laptop for $100.00.

Well, they got the price to £100.00, which for my money is close enough to count.

I think it's the coolest thing on earth - for $400.00, I get a cool internet-enabled easy to use laptop to give to my nephews (Read: play with and pretend it's for them), and another kid somewhere else gets a level playing field in the new global economy.