All the news is bad, and all I want is to know more

Well, the Chinese are killing American children with lead-painted GHB-filled beads, the US dollar is fast becoming the Peso, everyone's going to lose their homes due to subprime mortgage hedge funds whose operators only pay 15% federal tax while the average taxi driver pays 23%, which helps our national deficit increase by a factor of 10 every 7 minutes instead of the other way around. Al Queda is now going to bomb the Gap at Christmas, the official least-liked president in American history is making jokes about repealing the 22nd amendment and sticking around for a 3rd term, and today's music sucks.

And I just can't stop finding out more.

This shit depresses me to no end. It seems that every single headline showing up on the news sites and channels and aggregates is either reporting on how bad things are after all the stuff that happened that they failed to actually uncover and report, or stupid celebrity shit. And I can't go an entire 30 minutes without clicking through my Reddit, Fark, Digg, CNN, BBC, Reuters and AP RSS feeds. And just now, I was going to make a joke by including Perez Hilton in the list of stuff I check, but then I realized... It's not a funny joke, especially since I get just about every story on his site through the feeds I have for Reddit, Fark, Digg, CNN, BBC, Reuters and AP... Which is sad.

Sad sad sad.

I really have no point, other than admitting to the three of you who read this thing that I have an information habit. I seriously can't stop - and it's not like I even give a crap about the stuff I'm reading. I don't actually CARE about the Georgian (Asian, not American) military shutting down the only free news station in that country - I just care that the information is out there and I don't know it yet! I couldn't possibly care less about Atlanta possibly running out of water by January 2008 - I just care about the FACT that we might.

It's just ridiculous. I can't help myself.