I R Faild.

I just failed an IQ test.

How does one fail an IQ test? Well...

I got this facebook invitation to take an IQ test (for those of you who don't feel like reading, there you go - I just gave you the answer). So I signed up.

During the 15 minute test, I was answering questions with lightning fury, when I came across Question #9 - which was one of those "which of these is the odd one out?" type questions... Only, there were no "these" to be seen.

Thinking that maybe an image didn't render correctly, i hit CMD+A (ctrl+a for you pc'ers) and saw that yes - the highlighting indicated there should be an image in that space. So, I viewed the source, pulled the URL for the image out, and looked at it in a new window (for the curious, this is it).

So I answered (I chose B, cause that's the correct answer), and moved on - only to find 3 other questions with a similar issue.

I went about my little impromptu fix and finished the test, and when I went to get my results...

I should have known better than to waste about 11 minutes taking an IQ test on freakin' Facebook. THAT'S how you fail an IQ test.