Damage part II

So, it's Saturday.

And given the recent type of updates I've been making on Saturdays, you can probably guess that...

Why yes! You DID guess it correctly! There's damage to my house! YOU WIN PICTURES!

"Hmm," you say, "What could have caused that water spot on the upstairs guest bedroom in your home, Joe?"

Well, my answer would be....

This fucking hole in my roof! You see, either last week when that big-ass tree fell, OR sometime this week during any of the 6 thunderstorms we experienced, a branch fell on my roof and punctured it in several places!

This is one of the tree-bullets I pulled from one of the holes in one of my roofs.

And given the deck situation and the need to remove several other trees that fell this week, I think it's finally time to call Allstate and go through with a claim. Thank GOD I already know the number, though... Because my heart just can't take any more adrenaline flowing through it right now.

I think I'm going to change this journal over to "Joe's Home Repair Blog Sponsored By Allstate" or something.