Even more damage!


It seems that the damage from the stupid ass tree that fell on my deck, and then punctured my roof, didn't just fall on my deck and puncture my roof.

While examining the holes I found in the roof yesterday, I discovered this bit o' fun:

Can't see what's got me all bloggy?

Here's a zoom shot:

Yeah... So yet another fun discovery of fun.

To add misery to misery, while examining this particular bit of damage, I was descending my brand new 24' aluminum ladder (which I really never had any intention of owning, but now I do... Thanks to Motherfucking Nature), I missed a rung near the bottom and landed poorly, earning a 2.0 from the German judge and a nice blue twisted ankle.

So, instead of going to Dragon*Con with my friends, I got to live the life of a frustrated homeowner, then visit the emergency room.


I'm determined to not let this affect my latest project of attempting to join a professional football team. Because I am stupid and I love pain.