God's greatest gift???

Driving up from Florida, I saw at least 35 different pro-life billboards. The most prominent of these is a huge, wide billboard with a yellow background and several babies sitting on... Well, probably a table that had been photoshopped out, as it looked like they were just hovering in a yellow netherrealm, the way it was presented.

Above the babies were the words "God's Greatest Gift!!!"

Uh... How?

How is a baby God's greatest gift? I mean, it's a conglomeration of cells formed after a sweat-and-body-fluid-covered night (or afternoon... or lunch break) of passion. It cries during movies and eventually grows up to get in my way on the Interstate.

I dunno.

I mean, I would have put, like, "writing" or "opposable thumbs" or "the ability to conceptualize, then build, the microwave oven" way way WAY above "baby" on the list of things God was at it's most benevolent to grant us. Besides, I'm not so sure a small person incapable of apologizing for shooting food in various stages of digestion out of either end of itself counts as a 'gift,' anyway... No more than one of those singing fish you hang on the wall.

Just my opinion.