A little good news...

And finally, a little "good" news out of this whole mess:

Last night, I had some friends over, and we were all looking very forward to a game of Wii Sports for a very long time. These plans had been in place for a while, and we were all excited to get to bowl... Without spraining a wrist or whatever.

So I go and turn on the Wii for the first time in little while, and it won't turn on.

Very long story short, the storm that knocked a tree into my house and deck also knocked out my Wii - and I even have it tied to a surge protector... But that didn't stop me from noticing black smudgey areas around the opaque white plastic of the body housing. There was definitely some power surge action going on.

So, after a lot of yelling and screaming and bitching about how life isn't fair, we ended up playing Guitar Hero II instead.

This morning, I called AmEx to find out what could be done, since it was a relatively new purchase. They assured me it could be replaced, and they filed a claim. Now, if this were, say, 2001, I'd be pleased. Or if it were an Xbox 360, I'd be at least alright with it. But since Nintendo, in their infinite wisdom, decided to forego the concept of creating user accounts that retain all information about the user - including the insane number of Wii points this particular user has purchased over time - I began to feel a certain amount of dread about the prospect of sitting on hold with customer service as I convince them that I had to replace the console, so would they please just credit me back the over 20,000 (yes, 20,000 - I am a consumer whore) points... Please?

And after they did - if they did - I was further filled with dispair over the length of time I'd have to sit and watch various incarnations of mario run and jump into bricks to show the download progress of all that content.

So I hopped (well, hobbled, thanks to the sprained ankle) into the car and drove up to Gamestop with my Wii in tow. I had this futile hope that maybe - JUST MAYBE - it might be the power supply that's gone zits-up instead of the whole console. The very kind dude there let me test it out on his power supply, and lo! The Wii did power up.

SO yay for me, I have a Wii again. And you've just wasted 2 minutes of your life reading about it.