I met with my editor...

Wait. Give me just a second.

... Man.

It still blows my mind and short-circuits me every single time I write or say those words. It's crazy that I'm actually having discussions with MY editor at a HUGE publisher. I'm sorry if this is stupid... I'm not trying to be dramatic. It's genuinely amazing to me.

I'm continually astounded that they haven't just said "Wait, we were thinking of some OTHER book - we didn't actually want yours. Here, have it back, and no hard feelings, kthxbye."

But yeah, anyway, I met with him last night. I was nervous, because the editor that actually bought my book has since left the company and moved on to other things, so this was my first time actually sitting and talking with Patrick about the MI book, plans for it, expectations, ideas, etc.

It went really well. I was very happy.

Mostly, I was glad that he didn't get up and take off right in the middle of my espousing another one of my cockamamie "I wrote this one on the bus here - what do you think??" stories. But one thing that did come out of it that gave me great hope is the notion that Penguin / Gotham is genuinely excited to be working with me and they see good things on the horizon.

The great thing is, not once since this whole thing started have they made any mention or moves about how I do what I do or what I write. That's honestly the most important aspect for me.

We ate at this Ukranian place and it was unbelievably good.

Wow. I just managed to tell you what I did last night and how I felt about it, and then I actually went into what food I ate.

I am blogging. This is a blog. I want to shoot myself.