I always do this to myself when I'm flying out somewhere. I sit and watch the planes land and take off, and my eye is naturally drawn along the seamlines of the fuselage and wings toward any and all nicks, dents, scrapes, missing bolts, defects, flakes in paint, etcetera.

I can't help but to begin thinking right then about all those stories you hear as a kid and young adult about people who get bad feelings before they board a plane and, at the last moment, decide to catch a later flight -- only to have that exact plane crash or explode or leak a nasty smell in flight.

I hate those thoughts, because then I start thinking "what if this is MY premonition? What if I'm having that eerie foreshadowing right this very moment? Should I turn around and take a later flight, only to have my original flight experience some sort of mishap? Will I get to go on Jenny Jones afterward and tell my story?"

Yeah. Anyway, that's what I'm doing right now -- staring out the window at airplanes and wondering just what, if anything, is going to fall off the sucker in mid-flight. And if I should pass on my flight because of these silly thoughts.

Oh, that and I'm drinking some of the best coffee I've had in a while.