A good friend of mine sent me this today:

(His original flickr album: http://www.flickr.com/photos/19769561@N00/sets/72157600762573601/)

Apparently, this is an internal marketing campaign at a fairly large web-based software company the he worked for. And what could possibly so imperative to the future of the company that they would want to invoke images of one of the bloodiest battles of all time?

A new release of their software.

I can just imagine how they came up with this one.

Jim in Operations:
"Hey, Bob... I have an idea. There's a war giong on right now, right? People are getting shot, being blown up, all of that... It's on all the news networks. So let's use the innate sense of patriotism and respect for veterans in our employees to rally them into being more productive on our latest software release!"

Bob the CEO:
"Good call, Jim! Have a poster made up, pronto."

Pretty sick, really.

I mean, if it were a game based on WWII, or a movie or some sort of story built around the imagery, maybe... but a stupid iterative release of software?