Wow, it's good to be back writing again.

I can honestly say that I threw out, oh, about 20 stories between November and now, just trying to get back into writing the way I know I love to write.

Doing the FarkTV thing... It was an interesting experience. It totally threw off the way I do what I do, for many reasons that I don't have the space, time or patience to get into right now. But it definitely did a number on the short-story writing process I am not only used to, but totally in love with.

But anyway, I'm back to writing stories for MI. And I have no choice but to it on a regular schedule - I have a March, 2008 deadline to turn in 10 voted chapters (which means minimum 40 stories on MI, 4 stories per chapter for voting).

Penguin don't play nice when it comes to breech of contract.

So yeah. Anyway.

I'm headed up to New York this week. I'll be spending a good bit of time working on some new stuff for my web sites. I'm consolidating everything, re-presenting everything... Getting stuff together. So watch this space for some new crap coming soon.