About 3 years ago, I had one of those "executive chairs" they sell at Staples for about $150.00 bucks as my home desk chair. It was nothing compared to the Aeron chairs I sat in during my .com days, but still, it was alright.

Then, I broke it.

I was crestfallen. Not because the chair was particularly wonderful, but because I now had no place to rest my behind while typing on my computermachine.

Around the same time, my wife was pushing me to finally dispose of an old pink recliner that the former owners of our house so graciously left for us when they moved. She always hated it, I didn't mind it - it was quite coush and it did a particularly good job of providing a place to park the posterior.

So, I had a great idea: take the castors off the old "executive" chair and shove them into the base of the pink recliner.

Voila. The ultimate desk chair... Until yesterday.

I broke the recliner yesterday.

(Note that not all of this damage was done at once. The broken bolt that held the back to the base was the initial fault, then I ended up tearing the thing to shreds trying to get it down the stairs and out of the house. It's too bad it wouldn't fit through the window - it would have been a direct trip and saved me a lot of hassle).

(Also, don't judge me on the color or quality. It was free.)

(You're going to judge me anyway, aren't you? Fine. Do it. See if I care.)

Anyway, so yeah, I broke the shit out of that thing. So once again, I found myself with a desk and a computermachine and no place to sit so that I could use either. But it just so happens, my wife has been pressuring me to move the Sharper Image massage chair she got me for Christmas in 2000 out of our bedroom. In fact, she went so far as to shove it out the door while I was not home this past week, so I had no choice but get it downstairs... Which wasn't fun.

But it did make it awfully convenient to move it to the workshop, where I bored out 16 holes with a titanium-head drill bit and bolted heavy duty castors to the bottom of it. So, once again, I have the ultimate desk chair - only this one is even more ultimate, because while it rests my behind, it also massages it:

Now, to get the bastard upstairs...

(By the way, I was lying. I do care that you judged me. Now I hate you a little.)