Since leaving FarkTV in late February (on good terms - No drama here, just doing new stuff with my time), I've been writing. Writing is something that I haven't really had time to do since, oh... October of 2006. And it's very, very strange to see what's been coming out of me since I've been crafting new stories.

Mostly because they all suck. Like, worse than before.

It's interesting... Writing is not like riding a bike or swimming - you don't just jump back into it with the ability to do it. And that's something that's been somewhat frustrating for me - I can't actually get a cognisant thought about an event in my life (or even in the fictional characters' lives in the novels I've been working on since, oh, I was about nine).

But it's coming along. And really, it has no choice but to come along, because there's something in the air right now that could potentially force me to finish MI2 by November.

That's somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 stories in 200 days. I can do it.

Anyway, just wanted you all to know that a) I'm back, b) I'm writing and c) I am really bad at it right now, but d) I'm working on getting better. And there is no e).