I am now Twittering.

If you are unfamiliar with Twitter, it's essentially an update service that will take my updates and send them to you via IM or SMS. The update size is capped at 160 characters, so it's meant for micro-messages - think of it as blogging every few hours (or, for some people who are extremely addicted to it, every few minutes), and the blog entry comes to you instead of you having to go to it.

Yeah, I know. It sounds kinda iffy. But it's actually really cool.

It's kinda like this: imagine calling a friend when you're bored to see what they're up to. "Hey, whatcha doing?" you ask.

"Oh, not much," they reply. "Just writing a story."

Now, imagine you didn't call them. And imagine that you didn't ask "Hey, whatcha doing?" (or rather, you didn't ask THIS TIME, but based on the fact that you signed up with twitter and followed them, you asked once and assumed it would span the time until you both decide to part ways).

That's Twitter.

I dig it.

As for what I plan to actually post to my Twitter, it'll be much like this journal thing. You never know. It could be a little microstory about an insane happening taking place in front of me, or it could be an update saying that there's a new story on MI. Or, it could just be a random picture for no reason.

If getting little life updates from me sounds cool to you, feel free to join up and follow me. After you sign up, just go to my twitter page and click "follow". Voila, instant JoeNotes via web and SMS.

Of course, there's more to twitter than just me (thank god, or else no one would ever use it). You can get BBC headlines, updates from your other twitter contacts, fark headlines, digg updates, etc. So it's actually neat.

I think so, anyway.