Apparently - and I didn't know this until today - you can actually catch The Gay from listening to certain types of music.

Yeah, I know. It took me by surprise as well.

I am in an office today, consulting on a music-related web software gig, and a guy here - a graphic artist chap with an apparently (and abhorrently) strong opinion about music - decided to pick up "the new guy's iPod" and thumb through it a bit.

Now, I'm not an employee, so I'm not really "the new guy" - but even if I was, picking up "the new guy's" iPod without so much as introducing yourself is pretty rude. Dickish, even. Nevertheless, he did. And it didn't much surprise me; I've been listening to this guy go on and on about nonsense for a week now - I was hoping to avoid meeting him entirely, as my role on this thing stops in about 4 weeks, and I am actually quite adept at hiding out and avoiding people when I need to be.

Alas, I failed this time. And much to my chagrin, being available and owning an iPod in public put me in the unfortunate position of enduring this sloghead's bullshit.

"Dude..." said the 34 year old teenager covered in annoying tattoos (seriously... who the FUCK gets a tattoo of Tony the Tiger??? HE'S A CEREAL MASCOT, not a permanent decoration for your forearm).

"What?" I replied.

"U2? Shelby Lynne? Emmylou Harris???" He said, clicking through the music in my Artist list.

"Yeah?" I replied.

"Totally gay," he answered.

Apparently, certain music carries with it the Homofaggot B virus. Who knew?

So I sneezed on him.

No shit. I just felt one coming on, so I unleashed at his pant leg. I didn't even bother trying to cover my mouth.

If he can be an ass, so can I.