Las Vegas is an interesting place.

I'd never been to Vegas before this weekend. I'd always assumed that it was simply an adult playground - a place that was entirely focused on two things, money and sex.

Well, I was right. Not that it's a bad thing, mind you.

The second you get off the plane, there are slot machines open and available. You don't even have to leave the gate to begin tossing your money as hard as you can at the dream of hitting it big and coming home a millionaire. And naturally, there are several folks smacking the "spin" button on the little whirly moneybox.

Some are just arriving and hoping to score a huge windfall before even stepping out of the airport; some are getting ready to head back to their normal, daily lives and are hoping that, by tossing that last little chunk of change left in their pocket, they might reverse their luck and come home a trillionaire... Or at the very least, win enough so that they don't have to explain to their wives / husbands why the power bill won't be getting paid this month.

Once you hit the strip, you are completely blown away by two things: 1) the enormity of every building, and 2) the amount of money that must have gone into making each and every one of them. "Massive" doesn't even begin to describe the MGM Grand hotel and casino. "Gigantic" is an understatement when describing the Rio. "I got lost on my way to the bathroom" isn't sufficient to explain just how goddamn large Caesar's Palace is.

Each casino / hotel has a mall built inside of it. Some are bigger than others - the one in the Sahara is almost as big as Lenox Mall in Atlanta (a four story mall), but also houses a CASINO and a HOTEL inside. Your mind gets blown out of the back of your skull each time you enter a new place. Each casino's architecture is completely unique and utterly different than the last - and it has to be! How else are you going to attract customers when the place down the street from you has a full shopping mall inside of it?

Well, you have to shape yours like the entire city of New York, complete with... A roller coaster that zips around the Empire State Building, through Penn Station, over Madison Square Garden and in-between two tall buildings that no longer stand in the city.

Then, the sun goes down, and you realize that you haven't even begun to scratch the surface on the amount of money that goes into this city.

Every single standing object has some sort of light embedded in it. It's like an electronic fireworks show everywhere you look. People are EVERYWHERE. Up and down the strip, you will see Lexus after Hummer after Lotus - and those are the low-end cars. Hookers and rent-a-strippers are everywhere you look, even when you're trying to avoid looking at them by looking at the ground - the entire strip is littered (almost to the point of being wallpapered) with fliers for escorts, strippers, XXX movie houses... You name it, and there's a bare-chested young girl with photoshopped lens flares covering her nipples advertising it.

But what really hammers it home is when you visit one of the rooftop clubs or ride a glass elevator to the top of a hotel and look out across the city. You can literally see where the city limits end, because just past them, there is NOTHING.

And I mean NOTHING.

It's a massive oasis of cash and sex in the middle of the Mojave Desert.

It was one hell of an experience. From what I understand, Andrea and I had an extremely tame weekend in Sin City - we gambled (lost what we came to spend, but oh well), saw a few free shows, did some shopping, and hung out at a few clubs with friends (oh, and we saw one of my best friends get married :P ).

It was fun to soak in one of America's biggest adult playgrounds... To see the faces of people who - you can tell - lead mundane and boring lives and are relishing an opportunity to visit a place built around the idea of going crazy and letting loose was interesting (although, I will say that I find it sad when men have to stand there, sometimes in front of their wives and children, and oogle the "flair" waitresses that are present in every club and casino who put on little dance shows during the evening. I completely understand, and even appreciate, the scantly clad women doing little dances throughout the clubs/casinos at night - it adds to the "adult playground" atmosphere, and really sets a mood for people to just go nuts and have a wild time... But really, do you have to stand 2 feet in front of her and stare at her implants?? I just think that's a bit excessive... Or pathetic, pick one).

I'll probably go back sometime, sure. But given a choice between an all-expenses-paid trip to Vegas and paying for a trip to Mt. Baker for a week of hitting fresh powder with my friends, I'd have to pick the second one. I'm no prude, I just don't think Vegas was built for folks like me. But man... It was one hell of an experience.


So, my buddy Bill (yes, the same Bill I'm producing the show with) is getting married this weekend.

In Las Vegas.

This is going to be FUN.

Andrea and I have never been to Vegas before. Neither of us are really the gamblin' type, but we definitely know how to have a good time - and any city that has roller coasters on top of buildings and entire bars modeled after Deep Space Nine is definitely a city we can have a good time in.

See? Andrea's already having a good time getting on the plane:

We arrived, picked up our car, and found our hotel...

...I'm not sure how the hell we could miss it. It's the brightest, most technicolor hotel to have ever existed, ever ever. It looks like a gigantic, multi-storied roller-rink. However, before we went anywhere, we had to make one stop:

Cause I was HONGRY. And In-n-Out Burger is the best fucking shit on earth. I really, really wish we had them in Atlanta.

When we got to our room, we were taken aback by how nice it was. We were REALLY taken care of here... Except there was this one little oddity:

See that little mirror thing on the right there? Here, here's a closer look at it:

Now, I know what you're asking... And the answer is YES, that is the shower head you see there in the little WINDOW LOOKING INTO THE BATHROOM FROM THE MAIN ROOM.

And not only can you see the showerhead, but you can also see the toilet as well:

And no, there's no blind or covering you can pull to block the view. The best you can do is close the shower door so that no one can sit there and watch you do poopies.

It's confounding.

But aside from that, I do love the room. It's extremely nice, and so far, we've had a blast here in Las Vegas. Tonight, we play some craps and eat some buffet - two things I have been made to understand you must do in Vegas for Vegas to be Vegas. Or something. Perhaps maybe I'll run down to the gift shop and buy some massive and dark sunglasses so I can pretend I'm Wil Wheaton at a Texas Holdem table or something.

More later. Maybe.



The window thing? It's a "Hooker Looker."

I guess it never occured to me what it actually is because I approached it from the other side, so it struck me as odd why anyone would actually want a room that provided a clear view of the crapper from the main room. But I guess if you hire a hooker (which is legal in Vegas) and you want to make sure she (or he) isn't ripping you off and rifling through your wallet while you shower, it's a handy little device.

And I gotta say... nothing says "class" in a joint like a Hooker Looker.


It's kind of a sobering moment when one takes stock of one's own life and discovers that they have become pretty much the very thing they make fun of:

I'll even note the "artsy" font helps to sell the damn point even more. In my own defense, it was the font that was last used on Photoshop to do another design I was working on, so it's not like I went and chose it for this... But I don't think that helps me any, does it?

The only saving graces:

1) I was listening to Ozzy on the Ipod ("No More Tears", for your edification) and not some pathetic whiny band like My Chemical Romance or Snow Patrol or some weak shit like that

2) this picture was posted here and not "Flickr"

In other news, I fucking hate myself.
Why in the hell did I see fit to pay for & download Def Leppard's "Pyromania?"

I should be dragged back into the 80's and forced to live a solid year in the suckiest decade to ever befall a time-space continuum. And then shot. Twice. Through the duodenum. Because that would cause stomach bile to escape into my bloodstream and make me septic. Which would then cause me to die, slowly and painfully... in the 80's.

Which is what I deserve for buying Pyromania.

But it did inspire me to post this Photographhhhhhhh of one of our days of shooting on the new show:

I'll post more as I get around to it. Until then, remember: Actions, not words... So ROCK ROCK (Until You Drop) of Stagefright, because it's Too Late For Love.

(Those of you who thought I was being a bit hard on myself with all that "shoot me in the duodenum" stuff... You're not thinking that NOW, are ya?)


Ok, it's now official.

Your friendly neighborhood Peacock, along with your patron saint of internet humor, have a show with Turner.

You will see it beginning Q1 2007.

That's pretty much all I have for now :)


Well, I won't beat around the bush.

I've been absent from the 'net because, for the past two months, I've been working extremely hard at creating, writing and producing a new show for Turner Broadcasting.

Yes, the "TBS" Turner. The ones who do Cartoon Network and colorize movies and all of that great stuff.

I haven't been alone in this endeavour. My very close friend and writing partner, Mr. Bill Doty, has been with me in this. And might I say that, if he hadn't been, there's no way in hell this thing would have come together, because I probably would have went insane with sleep deprevation.

But yeah, a show for Turner. And what's more:

They LIKE it.

Yep, it's true. They do. And they are going to pick it up. And not only that, they like what we did so much that we've been invited to submit some other stuff, too.

So, what is this show? What's it called? What's it about? Who's in it?

Well, I can't say any of that right now. I can say, however, that you will see it some time in the next 6 months, and it is my sincere hope that you dig it when you do - and of course, I'll give more details as I am allowed.

Blah blah blah.