Why in the hell did I see fit to pay for & download Def Leppard's "Pyromania?"

I should be dragged back into the 80's and forced to live a solid year in the suckiest decade to ever befall a time-space continuum. And then shot. Twice. Through the duodenum. Because that would cause stomach bile to escape into my bloodstream and make me septic. Which would then cause me to die, slowly and painfully... in the 80's.

Which is what I deserve for buying Pyromania.

But it did inspire me to post this Photographhhhhhhh of one of our days of shooting on the new show:

I'll post more as I get around to it. Until then, remember: Actions, not words... So ROCK ROCK (Until You Drop) of Stagefright, because it's Too Late For Love.

(Those of you who thought I was being a bit hard on myself with all that "shoot me in the duodenum" stuff... You're not thinking that NOW, are ya?)