So, my buddy Bill (yes, the same Bill I'm producing the show with) is getting married this weekend.

In Las Vegas.

This is going to be FUN.

Andrea and I have never been to Vegas before. Neither of us are really the gamblin' type, but we definitely know how to have a good time - and any city that has roller coasters on top of buildings and entire bars modeled after Deep Space Nine is definitely a city we can have a good time in.

See? Andrea's already having a good time getting on the plane:

We arrived, picked up our car, and found our hotel...

...I'm not sure how the hell we could miss it. It's the brightest, most technicolor hotel to have ever existed, ever ever. It looks like a gigantic, multi-storied roller-rink. However, before we went anywhere, we had to make one stop:

Cause I was HONGRY. And In-n-Out Burger is the best fucking shit on earth. I really, really wish we had them in Atlanta.

When we got to our room, we were taken aback by how nice it was. We were REALLY taken care of here... Except there was this one little oddity:

See that little mirror thing on the right there? Here, here's a closer look at it:

Now, I know what you're asking... And the answer is YES, that is the shower head you see there in the little WINDOW LOOKING INTO THE BATHROOM FROM THE MAIN ROOM.

And not only can you see the showerhead, but you can also see the toilet as well:

And no, there's no blind or covering you can pull to block the view. The best you can do is close the shower door so that no one can sit there and watch you do poopies.

It's confounding.

But aside from that, I do love the room. It's extremely nice, and so far, we've had a blast here in Las Vegas. Tonight, we play some craps and eat some buffet - two things I have been made to understand you must do in Vegas for Vegas to be Vegas. Or something. Perhaps maybe I'll run down to the gift shop and buy some massive and dark sunglasses so I can pretend I'm Wil Wheaton at a Texas Holdem table or something.

More later. Maybe.



The window thing? It's a "Hooker Looker."

I guess it never occured to me what it actually is because I approached it from the other side, so it struck me as odd why anyone would actually want a room that provided a clear view of the crapper from the main room. But I guess if you hire a hooker (which is legal in Vegas) and you want to make sure she (or he) isn't ripping you off and rifling through your wallet while you shower, it's a handy little device.

And I gotta say... nothing says "class" in a joint like a Hooker Looker.