Well, it's been a bit since I've actualy posted, and there's good reasons for that:

I've not been on the internet.

So there, I've cleared that right up! Isn't that fantastic?

I've been thinking of pulling out old journals and notebooks and posting some of the crap from them on this thing... I dunno why. I know I've always wanted to repost the "Mall Daze" series (about 55 writings from my days of working at the mall... Very, um... Interesting. I'm not sure to whom, but interesting nonetheless).

So yeah, there's my filler-post for the day. I was GOING to post about something VERY VERY exciting that happened to me today, but I'd rather not jinx it (because there's more steps in the process before it becomes a certainty). If things go the way I really hope they will, I will definitely post it here... Because none of my real-life friends listen to me when I talk. But If I post it on the net, then Gorilla Glue them to a chair, tape open their eyes, and place a red-hot poker next to that little fatty part right underneath the armpit and say "READ OR BURN OMG," they will read it.

I'm kinda sleepy.