Just a little aside on the Comcast thing:

I'm stuck up here at Starbucks until Bellsouth gets their ass in gear and gets my internet situation unscrewed.

Now, I like coming to Starbucks. I do, I really do. But one thing that'll get me to leave a Starbucks faster than anything else is when these fucking retarded Jack Johnson wannabes come in with their maltuned acoustic guitars and insist on playing for people who did not ask them to.

And it's not like this is even a decent environment for it - Starbucks has their satellite music choice programming blaring out of 7 speakers across the place! How do these assholes think this is going to get them anywhere worth being? The only attention that playing an accoustic guitar in the middle of a crowded Starbucks is going to get you is negative attention, because the only other thing I can think of that's more annoying than Norah Jones is Norah Jones with some dickhead's acoustic musings going on on top of it.

And I'm stuck here in the middle of it.