I am distressed, and I will tell you why right here - because that's the point of having this online journal blog thing... letting you know when and why I am distressed when I reach said state.

Okay, ready? Okay then, let's go:

Since January 2006, I have become a truck owner, I've added things to the truck (like siderails and a grill guard), I've gone to a NASCAR event, and I've even laughed at a damn Larry the Cable Guy joke.

Yes. It is true. I found something that Larry the Cable Guy said on Leno to be humorous.

I am now a sleeveless flannel and one gun rack away from being a fully-fledged redneck.

(Although I do have to admit, my use of a new MacBook Pro hacked (not BootCamped) to run Windows and my insistance upon mixing in various shades of orange during my clothing coordination effords might betray this change slightly...)