Just... Wow.

The Super 8 in Asheville, NC is, like, the BEST motor hotel I have EVER stayed at. EVER.

I've been here 10 minutes - just long enough to put my laptop on the "desk" beside the bed, find an open wireless network (to look up directions to the 100mi. Fletcher Flyer ride tomorrow), and plop my bag on the bed hard enough to startle a RAT from underneath there.

Well, not really underneath, since the beds in the motel don't actually have an "underneath" - they have a solid slab they rest on that is recessed a bit under the boxspring and OTHER boxspring that you sleep on in lieu of an actual matress.

So, Mr. Rat is hiding out in the bathroom right now. And it's funny that, instead of calling down and complaining about him, the first thing I did was hop on my journal to tell you all about it.

Anyway, that's been my experience here in Asheville, NC thus far. Next, I think I'll walk all over the carpeting barefoot and drink from the sink.