Jesus Pete, I am starving.

Like, really, really hungry! It's crazy! I'm starving like an Ethopian child!

Only, mine is worse, because I haven't eaten in, like, 5 hours or so, and they haven't eaten in two or more days. So they've forgotten already how good the food tastes and how great it feels to be full and satisfied.

What's more, they only eat that Cream of Wheat crap and a bunch of cornmeal with flies in it, so they have NO IDEA how good a Chick-Fil-A chicken biscuit tastes! They don't know the pain of only being up the road from tasty chicken biscuit goodness! Which means my pain is GREATER!

Man, where do those Ethoipian children get off, thinking THEY know what it's like to suffer the pains of starvation, huh? HUH? I ask you!