Dear God.

I'm a) sitting at Starbucks b) writing on my new Mac c) listening to an Ipod d) drinking a frappucino.

I. have. become. my. enemy.

i hate myself and want to die now.

And you know what? This all happened SO INNOCENTLY!!! It's not like I woke up one day and said "boy, you know what? I think I'll become a fetid piece of yuppie consumer whore scum today!" I got the Ipod as a trade for doing some web work for a friend of mine's company... I got the macbook as an experiment (click the link above to read about it)... I got the frappucino because i had a "get a free frappucino!!!!" coupon thingy... And the only reason I'm at Starbucks is because I haven't been able to sit on my back porch without a dog jumping on me and slobbering on things since about 3 months after buying my house.

And jesus, reading back over this... I realize now that there's simply not enough justification in the world to stop this from being the saddest moment of my life.

Oh well. Might as well "blog" about it and make the trendiness circle complete.