When I was a kid, I used to daydream about having a hidden passageway in my house. I'd lay crossways on my bed with a sketchbook in front of me, drawing out these detailed plans for hidden tunnels and rooms throughout whatever crappy house or apartment my mom could afford to put us in at the time (hey, when you're a kid, it doesn't matter how bad things are when you get there -- all you ever think about is how cool it COULD be).

Of course, everyone who knows me knows I'm into quirky little things like that. So, a friend of mine sent me this: http://www.hiddenpassageway.com (Thanks, PICKY VIKKI [I swear, you'd think she'd be SO GRaTeFUL for a mention in my SUPER FAMOUS AND EXTRA INTERESTING BLOGGY THING, she wouldn't care if I spelled her name correctly... Some people...]). Naturally, they assume it's something I'd be into, and I'd probably persue getting one installed for my home now.

What they DON'T know is: I already have a secret passageway in my house.

It leads from the vaccum cleaner in the closet to the rest of the house. And apparently, it's a big secret - even from me - because no one has used it in a while.