What can Brown do for you?

Well, for starters, they can fuck shit up completely.

THEN, they can apologize profusely, but not do anything to fix things.

AND THEN, they can say they DID try to fix it but somehow things screwed up with the fixing and that things are now definitely fixed.

There were about 650 hardcover books ordered for direct shipment to me from the printer. This load weighs about 750 or 800 lbs total. To move the books around better, UPS palletized the books (put them all on one wooden pallete and bound them together).

This I understand.

Now, since all those boxes on the pallete were going to one address, some GENIUS up there assumed - because of the new bundle - that the delivery method changed to "Customer pickup - liftgate access." This means I'd come up there with my own lift-gate truck and pick them up.

This, I do NOT understand.

I mean, I get that almost all shipments that wind up on the same pallate and are wrapped together end up being customer pick-up orders. But I didn't ask for this. There is no request for this in the system. It makes NO sense.

But they did thank me for using UPS. Which was nice, I thought. Fuckers.

I now know why they chose Brown as their color and motto.