Well... Can you believe it?

My rapalicious 1337 random IM person is BACK! And she's MAD! Because I posted her conversations on my journal!

Well, not really. But she pretended to be. And of COURSE, I simply had to post the follow-up. So here you go.

xo_misszdre_xo: dude I barely realized you put OUR conversation on ur paqe!!!!!! how sad. aww, I thouqht we shared a common interest in many thinqs in life. how could u? how DARE you? u shall pay for this with ur life, I`ll hunt you down and eat ur insides and feed the rest to my pet doq Ash. don`t bother, sorry doesn`t do it. it never did!
joe: ?
joe: who is this?
xo_misszdre_xo: dRe
joe: dre?
joe: do I know a doctor e?
xo_misszdre_xo: uqhh
xo_misszdre_xo: don`t add a dr to itt
xo_misszdre_xo: have u listened to my brother`s cd lately? ;D
xo_misszdre_xo: John Got`ti
xo_misszdre_xo: shuddup, how can u 4qet about ME
xo_misszdre_xo: DRE
xo_misszdre_xo: UR LIFE
xo_misszdre_xo: UR EVERYTHING
xo_misszdre_xo: UR SOUL
joe: oh, THIS PERSON.
xo_misszdre_xo: UR SUN & MOON
xo_misszdre_xo: jp
joe: yes, I put you on my site
joe: and you were also in a magazine
xo_misszdre_xo: err...
xo_misszdre_xo: :O
joe: you're famous, you should be glad.
xo_misszdre_xo: :O
xo_misszdre_xo: :O
xo_misszdre_xo: I Can`t believe youuuuu
joe: why?
joe: it was hilarious.
xo_misszdre_xo: :o
xo_misszdre_xo: :o!!!!
xo_misszdre_xo: I shall hold resentment towards you for the rest of my life!
joe: aww, don't be that way
joe: people love you
joe: I have received fanmail about you
xo_misszdre_xo: jp.. nah todaii I was in class and I looked up my old screen name, and I saw ur paqe, and I was like OMG
xo_misszdre_xo: are you serious?
xo_misszdre_xo: sayinq what?!?!?!
xo_misszdre_xo: people probably hate me
joe: no way
joe: I got a few emails saying you sounded cute
joe: one was even from a girl
joe: you know, if you're into that
xo_misszdre_xo: they probably think I`m iqnorant
xo_misszdre_xo: really?
xo_misszdre_xo: hotness ;]
joe: seriously! You're internet-famous.
joe: just like ME
xo_misszdre_xo: :-l
xo_misszdre_xo: not kewl
joe: except I can write in real english
xo_misszdre_xo: :|
xo_misszdre_xo: oh
xo_misszdre_xo: have u noticed
joe: me?
joe: noticed what
xo_misszdre_xo: I DoNt TyPe LiKe tHiS N e MoRe
xo_misszdre_xo: ;D
joe: oh, cool
joe: did you download the AOL 9.0 update with the l33tp4tch?
xo_misszdre_xo: flj398r734? oh nah
xo_misszdre_xo: I don`t like aol
xo_misszdre_xo: I like yahoo
joe: oh
joe: I didn't know yahoo had the 1337 patch
xo_misszdre_xo: um..
xo_misszdre_xo: yeeahhh
xo_misszdre_xo: idk
xo_misszdre_xo: hmm...what do u think about bisexuals?
joe: I could go either way
joe: why
xo_misszdre_xo: you qo either way?
joe: I could
xo_misszdre_xo: just wonderinq
joe: or I could not
xo_misszdre_xo: do you?
joe: I could go either way on that
xo_misszdre_xo: wait, are you sayinq ur bi too?
joe: binaural?
joe: or bicoastal?
xo_misszdre_xo: what`s that?
joe: yeah!
xo_misszdre_xo: what is this??
joe: what is what
xo_misszdre_xo: binaural & bicoastal?
joe: Yeah, both!
xo_misszdre_xo: WHAT ISSSS THATT sir?
joe: or ma'am
xo_misszdre_xo: so u like men & females?
joe: sure, got nothing against them
xo_misszdre_xo: I`m sayinq u would date them?
xo_misszdre_xo: ur have intercourse?
xo_misszdre_xo: or*
xo_misszdre_xo: wow...
xo_misszdre_xo: that`s hot
joe: I have intercourse
joe: of course of course
joe: and who ever heard of an inter course
joe: unless of course that inter course is THE FAMOUS MR. ED
xo_misszdre_xo: qosh ur not answerinq me, u are but then aqain ur not
joe: yep, I'm bilateral
xo_misszdre_xo: awesomeness =xo_misszdre_xo: so when r u qonna let me read MY fanmail sir?
joe: oh, I already had it forwarded to that address you gave me
xo_misszdre_xo: which address?
xo_misszdre_xo: wuuut in the hell are you talkinq about
joe: that one with the catalogue
xo_misszdre_xo: whaat?
joe: in pueblo
joe: the one!
xo_misszdre_xo: ur trippin now
joe: come on, don't prank me
joe: you're pranking me right now, aren't you
xo_misszdre_xo: noo I promise
xo_misszdre_xo: are u serious or are you playinq?
joe: you're going to put this on your journal, OMG3y34Mh0tt.blogspot.yahoo.co.uk.jp
joe: and you're going to embarass me
joe: god
joe: now I can't talk to you, pranker
xo_misszdre_xo: lmfaoo
xo_misszdre_xo: lmaoo wttttfffff
xo_misszdre_xo: wowwwww
xo_misszdre_xo: ur TOO much
xo_misszdre_xo: I don`t even understand you riqht now=xo_misszdre_xo: qawd..
xo_misszdre_xo: so hows life been sir?
joe: life
joe: as in prison?
joe: are you pranking me from prison???
xo_misszdre_xo: no
joe: what the hell... my tax dollars are going to give you inmates free internet from Yahoo.co.uk.jp.cx
joe: this is an OUTRAGE
joe: I'm Bipolar over it!
xo_misszdre_xo: US inmates
xo_misszdre_xo: qawd why I qotta be awll that?!
joe: wait.
xo_misszdre_xo: ;[
joe: are you using 'q' instead of 'g'?
joe: did someone switch the keys or something?
xo_misszdre_xo: qawwwwwd
xo_misszdre_xo: no
xo_misszdre_xo: :">..
joe: do you have to conciously do that?
xo_misszdre_xo: why must u always make fun of the way I type
joe: or did you just learn it that way
joe: I dunno, cause it's silly
xo_misszdre_xo: =xo_misszdre_xo: I quessss
xo_misszdre_xo: I would make fun of my homeqirl for typinq like that and it qot stuck with me
joe: your homesquirrel
xo_misszdre_xo: I qot tired of havinq to erase the Q`s for G`s so I left it like that
xo_misszdre_xo: my home skillet biscuit.
joe: they're feeding inmates skillet biscuits now?
joe: what the FUCK
xo_misszdre_xo: why must we be inmates?
joe: GRUEL!!! Nothing but gruel for you, you hardened felon
joe: I dunno, because you're pranking me from jail
xo_misszdre_xo: because we listen to rap
joe: you're the one who did the crime
joe: now you gotta do the time
xo_misszdre_xo: and because my brother is the black john gotti
joe: you're in jail with your brother?
xo_misszdre_xo: what is u talkinq abouuuuuuuuut?!?!?!!?!? WHAT crime!!?
joe: what, is it a co-ed jail?
xo_misszdre_xo: No
xo_misszdre_xo: oh lawd..
joe: now I'm surrendering tax dollars for a co-ed jail.
joe: next you'll tell me you get Bill O'Reilly in there
xo_misszdre_xo: fer sure
joe: and now, you've gone all valley girl
xo_misszdre_xo: que es eso?
xo_misszdre_xo: wtf is a valley qirl?
joe: valley qirl sounds like some 80's cheese snack
xo_misszdre_xo: I`m lactose intolerant
xo_misszdre_xo: I don`t do cheese
joe: not even between your toes?
joe: ok, I gotta go
joe: don't even worry about googling your new screenname
xo_misszdre_xo: please.
joe: there's NO WAY this log will go up on my site!!!!!!!!!!!
joe: no way!
joe: nuh-uh
xo_misszdre_xo: thank you!
joe: not gonna happen
joe: seriously
joe: for at least like 4 minutes
joe: nope
joe: not possible
xo_misszdre_xo: uhh
xo_misszdre_xo: thanks mucho yo
joe: holla